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Jan 28-29, 2023 | Carencro, LA

Carencro Sports Complex

Feb 04, 2023 | Merrillville, IN 

The Dean & Barbara White Community Center

  • TWO different events in TWO days

  • Bids to Star Spirit Nationals

  • WORLDS bid boost event

  • Medals and banners

  • Athlete stand out award

  • Certified panel of judges


$80 per athlete: 01/21/23 

$40 per crossover

  • 30 MILES from Chicago


  • 3 paid bids to Star Spirit Nationals

  • Overall Grand Champion T-Shirts

  • Medals and banners

  • Athlete stand out award

  • Certified panel of judges


$50 per athlete (EARLY): 01/14/23 

$55 per athlete (LATE): 01/21/23

$25 per crossover

$10 per athlete CheerAbilities

$20 per athlete Solo/ Duo/ Trio/ Stunt Group

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Divisions & Scoring

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All Star | Rec | School | Studio Dance I AAU | Global League | Pop Warner | Non-Affiliated

PAC is proud to be a United Scoring Partner, which will follow the USASF divisions/ rules and use the United Scoring System (link below).


For more information about your score sheet -- including Rec, School, Dance, etc.,  please, contact us!

Good job everyone today_) 2nd place and a full paid bid to nationals☺️☺️ I don't have the video of o

About Us

Pro Action Championships (PAC) is a series of different event brands that we will be introducing throughout the United States, starting in Louisiana and the Chicagoland (IN/IL) area. As we know, the cheer industry has been searching for new and innovative competitions for their athletes -- all events under PAC will have a special theme, to create an exciting experience.

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Our Mission

Where We Set Our Sights

Pro Action Championships strives to create a memorable experience for all athletes. It is important that our industry recognizes all of the hard work and dedication that our athletes put into this sport year after year. We consider it a privilege and will hold ourselves with the utmost integrity.

Home: About Us
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